Anti Gravity iPhone Case Reviews

VYZCASE is a place to get honest and straightforward reviews and ratings of the latest anti-gravity iPhone cases. What’s an anti-gravity case? Well, check out our in-depth review here. My site is designed, edited and maintained by myself, AJ, with every review and rating written honestly and without bias. Although I am an Amazon affiliate, you need to know that my reviews are based on rigorous testing and real-world experience. My reputation and relationship with my readers is the most important thing, and I make my best efforts to maintain that relationship and trust. If I recommend something out of bias (a.k.a. only writing it for the affiliate commission), and you determine that the item in question sucks, you’ll return the item to Amazon and I make no money. That means I’ve wasted my time and yours, and I’ve lost a reader.

I think anti-gravity phone cases are the future, and I’ll do my best to explain how and why you should use them in your everyday life. Here at VYZCASE, I have tried and tested the anti-gravity iPhone case, and have put it through the paces of real-world situations. I’ve been a writer for 7 years, and have contributed pieces for The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Good4Utah.com, among others.

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